Wedding and party music concerts throughout Europe and even appearances on television. Hayrettin Tarhan! Born in 1967 in the village kusbayiri. Influenced by the village life of many folk artists and weddings, he grew up with seven brothers. In 1982 he came to Germany as laborers. His music is always intrested in the foreground, like a volcano rose in him, it steadily ... the demand music. In 1993, he exploded in Istanbul, Turkey Tarhan immediately begin on the Wolf Trap plakcilarla him, to use it thoroughly, but do not overlap, and the sound of Hayrettin never relied on hope. Tarhan Hayrettin first "Cup" Justice versions emit very large bi loved and respected by sales people, it attracts attention and is an artistic debut album sold and Hayrettin Tarhan 6.4 million thousand, and still on its way, it makes the purpose cassette and the interpretation düyaya made ​​all his own voice .. . Love and best wishes and friendly HOŞCAN DICK


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